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Are Psychics Real?
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A psychic is someone who professes to have the ability to sense information that is normally hidden from human perception. This is known as extrasensory perception, or ESP. This is what most people think of when they think of psychics. However, there are other abilities possessed by so-called psychics such as seeing and predicting the future, speaking to the dead, and other seemingly impossible feats. The real question is, are psychics real?

There are many people today who claim to have psychic abilities. Some of them have even become incredibly rich due to these claims. But becoming rich because you claim to be a psychic and actually being a psychic are two very different things. Can people truly see the future, speak to the dead or recount past lives?

Many people claiming to have psychic abilities are just frauds. However, you can say almost the same thing for nearly any profession. There are fraudulent doctors, lawyers, teachers, and salesmen just like there are fraudulent psychics. The problem with determining the legitimacy of psychics is that there are no standards or guidelines for measurement. There's no test you can give a so-called psychic, and if they pass it, are considered "real." This lack of professional policies or standardized practices makes it easy for anybody to claim to be a psychic, regardless of whether or not they can actually do anything psychic. Additionally, there is no established governing body that regulates psychics and sets specific standards that must be met to become licensed or certified. There are no licenses or certifications for psychics so anybody can become a "professional" psychic.

Luckily, there are ways to tell whether a psychic may be misrepresenting their abilities. Psychics rely very, very heavily on reputation. A psychic with a bad reputation will very quickly find out that they have no clients. If you are thinking about paying somebody for some sort of psychic services, inquire as to their reputation. Ask for referrals, testimonials, and references. A good psychic will be more than happy to provide these for you. If the psychic you're investigating is reluctant to provide any of these you'll probably be best served by looking elsewhere.

The best regulation in this industry is word of mouth advertising and reputation. Thanks to the internet, fraudulent psychics are very quickly outed. Spend some time doing some homework and researching any psychic you are considering paying.

One of the oldest scams to be aware of is for a so-called psychic to claim you are under a curse of some sort and offering the only cure to help you. This is an easy way for them to separate you from your money, especially if they start you on a multi-step “treatment” that requires you to come back over and over, and thus, pay them over and over. They will claim to be able to rid you of all your problems but of course it will take more than one visit. This quickly escalates into a situation where you are being fleeced of your money without gaining any value in return.

As far as whether or not there are ANY true psychics in the world, that is something you will have to decide for yourself. Most modern science does not support anything that psychics claim to be able to do. However, there are many people that are convinced, and have what they believe to be strong evidence, supporting the existence of psychics and psychic abilities. I think the main deciding factor to this question is whether or not you believe a psychic can help you. If you go to a psychic skeptical of their ability to help you then I believe you will have your suspicions confirmed. Those who receive the greatest benefit from psychics believe that they will be helped.


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