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How To Become a Psychic
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A psychic is someone who professes the ability to perceive information that is normally hidden from the normal senses. This ability is called extrasensory perception (ESP) and is the basis of psychic abilities. However, other abilities possessed by psychics include seeing and predicting the future, speaking to the dead and many other seemingly impossible feats.

Everybody has the ability to become psychic. Much like how everybody has the ability, to some degree, to play a musical instrument. However, there appears to be a certain element of psychic powers that is engrained or built into each person. For example, some people, regardless off how much they practice will never become a virtuoso musician. Some people, regardless of how much they practice will not become powerful psychics. However, don’t let that discourage you. Everybody can develop their psychic skills to a level greater than they are right now.

Meditating is a great way to practice becoming a psychic. Psychic abilities require the ability to concentrate and focus at an almost superhuman level. Start a regular meditation practice to develop your concentration. Sit quietly and try to empty your mind of every thought. This is incredibly difficult to do as the human mind is almost always active. Every time a thought enters your mind while you’re meditating quietly and calmly push it aside.

Here are some other exercise you can complete to develop your psychic abilities:

Find someone you’ve never met before and stand about 4-6 feet apart from them. The two of you should face each other with your eyes closes. Each person should take a deep breath and envision the other person as a ball of light. Each person looks at the other with their “inner eyes” and notices any words, images, colors, thoughts, or sensations that come to their awareness. After each person does this for a few minutes and come back to reality they should share what they experienced with the other person. You should have a conversation with the other person about how what they experienced might fit into your life and vice versa.

Another aspect of developing psychic abilities is predicting. You should write three predictions for the next day. After you do that, close your eyes, breathe deeply and project yourself into the next day. Visualize yourself going through the motions that will make your predictions come true. You must focus and concentrate deeply while doing this — much like a meditative state. Be very specific with your visualization. What are you seeing? What do you smell? Who is with you? The more you practice this the more you will see your predictions coming true.

There are a plethora of online ESP tests that can help you assess and develop your psychic abilities. Work through them while focusing completely and without distractions. Work in a quiet room where nobody will bother you. Try many different tests and work with them over and over. Try different times of day and see if you are more successful at certain times than others.

The more you practice the more you’ll have successful psychic events. It can be tough to differentiate between coincidence and actual psychic powers at first but over time your success rate will increase. Like practicing free throws or any other athletic event, the more you practice the more success you will see. It’s up to you to work at it as consistently as possible and not to give up when you are frustrated or feel that you aren’t progressing fast enough. Like anything else in life, strong psychic abilities will come to those who want them the most.


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