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How to Create Your Own Binaural Beats
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You can create your own binaural beats by using software that is available online for free or for purchase. As with beginning any new hobby or pursuit, you should first research binaural beats, the effect that they produce, and any possible outcomes of using binaural beats. You should also study brainwave frequencies and what each frequency is associated with so that you have a complete picture of the history, science and process before beginning.

Binaural beats are an effect in the brain that results from two frequencies pulsing into the ears to create a new perceived frequency in the mind. While the human ear can normally only hear frequencies in the range of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, binaural beats allow the human ear to hear frequencies lower than 20Hz. These lower frequencies are usually associated with states of deep relaxation and a meditative mindset that can boost creativity, help with relaxation and reducing anxiety, and increase focus.

Binaural beats can be created by software programs that will allow you to change sound sources, like audio files or tones, in order to make them binaural beats. A frequency graph will display the frequencies of the binaural beats created within the software. Adjusting the base frequency and the duration of the beat allows for a more controlled and scientific approach to creating binaural beats. An important part of knowing how to create binaural beats is to be familiar with the frequencies and what each frequency is associated with.

A perceived frequency range of around 40Hz is in the gamma range and is normally associated with consciousness, fear, problem solving and generally higher mental activity. The gamma range is at the high end of perceived frequencies. As you get lower on the scale, more meditative moods result. The range from 13-39Hz is called beta and is normally associated with active thoughts, arousal, concentration and paranoia. Alpha waves are the range of 7-13Hz and are associated with a state of relaxation while still awake, REM sleep and dreaming. The 4-7Hz Theta waves range is associated with deep, NREM sleep. Under 4Hz is known as the Delta range when deep, dreamless sleep occurs.

Altering the base frequency to be in line with the brainwave range desired will help to get a precise binaural beat. After the frequencies are adjusted, the binaural beats will be ready for playback and use. Binaural beats need to be listened to using stereo headphones so that the frequency pulsing can be heard in each ear.

Binaural beats are effective because they affect neural circuits in a way that other brainwave altering methods cannot. Binaural beats are often seen as safer than other methods of tuning into brainwaves frequencies, such as photic or electromagnetic. These others methods have a tendency to induce seizures or cause other mind altering affects that are more dangerous than auditory stimulus. Binaural beats cannot replace any thoughts or any moods, but rather help in facilitating the deep states of meditation and relaxation, increase in focus and boosts in creativity.

When creating binaural beats, you can create them for your own personal use, or create them to market and sell. Be sure that you have all of the necessary licensing if you want to create your own binaural beats and sell them for profit. Also, binaural beats should be clearly label with what frequencies are used in any audio recording so that anyone listening to the binaural beats will be fully aware of the frequencies they are hearing and the possible outcomes on their brainwaves.


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