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Use Binaural Music to Enhance Your Creativity Process
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Binaural music can allow you to break down mental barriers that affect creativity and enjoy a greater creativity process. Using binaural music to enhance your creativity process is groundbreaking, but has been proven to work. Binaural beats work by allowing your mind to hear lower frequencies than normal, creating altered mental states as a result. Beats pulse separately in each ear, and the mind perceives the tone that is the difference between the two heard frequencies. For example, if a 210 Hz tone is played in one ear and a 200 Hz tone is played in the other, the mind will perceive a tone of 10 Hz. These low frequencies enable the mind to think differently, and at some frequencies boost creativity.

Human hearing is limited to the range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency levels. However, when binaural beats are used, the brain is capable of hearing frequencies much lower. These low frequencies are where the alteration of brainwaves creating altered mental states occurs. As you get lower on the frequency range scale, more meditative moods result. The range from 13-39Hz is called beta and is normally associated with active thoughts, arousal, concentration and paranoia. Alpha waves are the range of 7-13Hz and are associated with a state of relaxation while still awake, REM sleep and dreaming. The 4-7Hz Theta waves range is associated with deep, NREM sleep. Under 4Hz is known as the Delta range when deep, dreamless sleep occurs.

Using binaural music to enhance your creativity process is easy and does not require any additional skills. Of course, if you are already a creative person, you will have more success tapping into your creative process than someone who has never enjoyed creative pursuits. However, binaural music can help anyone becoming more in tune with their creative side, no matter how much previous experience or creativity they already possess.

To bring out creativity, a shift in brainwave activity occurs and makes it more possible to achieve a creative state of mind. Binaural beats allow the brain to quickly and easily shift into this mindset, creating a mental state that caters to creating thinking, relaxation and focus. Many people are shut out from their creativity by analytical minds that are trained to be fully focused on that days tasks, and not tap into creative pursuits. Binaural music helps break down those mental blocks so that the mind can be in a place where creativity is not only available, but is encouraged. Preparing your mind to explore creativity is half the battle, and binaural music can help you succeed.

To let creative ideas flow, one needs to be in a relaxed and comfortable environment that promotes this type of freedom. Once you have found binaural music that will foster your creative processes, find a place where you can listen to the music without being disturbed. You will want to be comfortable, but not necessarily laying down if you believe that laying down will cause you to sleep. Allow the binaural music to permeate your thoughts and shut out all other thoughts. You will need to believe in the power of the binaural music and shut down any negativity so that the binaural music can be the only influencer on your mind.

While binaural music cannot be a cure-all or an instant problem solver, the benefit of listening to binaural music is that it prepares your mind to enter into a creative place where ideas flow without interruption or critique from the conscious mind. Binaural music will not make someone who has never painted before an excellent painter, or make someone who cannot play music an opera singer. What binaural music can do is put you in the right mental state to achieve higher levels of creativity and innovation.


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