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How to become a funny person
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There are many different ways that you can become a funny person. While some people are naturally funny others have to work harder in order to be perceived as funny.  There are also many definitions of funny. Some people think funny is simply telling jokes, while others find humor in situational instances, sarcasm, dry humor and more. If you want to become a funny person, you first need to figure out which type of humor suits your personality the best.

A lot of people want to be funny because having a sense of humor often ranks highly among personality traits that most people enjoy. Having a good sense of humor generally means that you can laugh yourself, laugh with others, and generally just have a good time. Most people that are funny would also be described as having a good sense of humor. This means that they are not simply jokesters, but rather just have unnaturally optimistic and humorous outlook on life. For this reason, it can be hard to teach someone how to be funny. If this personality trait is not natural, it can take some work to learn how to have a great sense of you.

All people have some level of humor that is innate in their natural personalities. It’s rare that you find somebody who does not express humor and some shape or form. Humor can be expressed in many different levels ranging from simple knock knock jokes to more complex funny allegories, metaphors or situational humor. Getting others to think that you’re a funny person will require you to tap into your innate sense of humor. Being a funny person does not mean that you are simply reciting jokes, but rather engaging your listener and drawing them into what you find to be funny. Unless you are aiming to be a standup comedian, to become a funny person you do not need to memorize a lot of jokes. Jokes will flow naturally once you develop a rhythm in telling funny stories and making funny observances.

Some of the foundations of being a funny person and include getting down good timing and learning what is funny in context. There is rarely a time when someone will say to you “tell me a funny joke.” Rather, people will look to you as a funny person and expect you to make humorous comments regarding your life and circumstances, their life and circumstances, the circumstances of others or what is going on in the world. If you are going to make jokes in conversation, make sure that they adhere to a few simple rules.  When telling jokes, be sure that you are appealing to the intelligence of the listener. This includes relying on cognitive processing errors, word confusion and using assumptions. Jokes that can be interpreted in more than one way are often the funniest.

Also, when telling jokes, using surprise and timing are two important ways to make sure your jokes are successful. When learning how to be a funny person, using surprise is one of the best ways to develop your sense of humor. Timing is also important. If you let too much time passed between a joke and a punch line, the joke will be lost and the humor will become dull. Reacting quickly and telling jokes when a humorous moment exists is the best way to capitalize on a humorous situation and be seen as a funny person.

Another way to become a funny person is to study up on current events and broaden your joke material. The more you know about current and past events, celebrities, the lives of your friends and other relevant information, the more you’ll be able to tie this material into your jokes and humorous comments. Knowing a little bit about a lot of topics will help you appeal to a greater comedic audience as well. Use these tips to develop your sense of humor and become someone who is seen as a funny person.


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