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What are Hypnosis Scripts?
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A hypnosis script is a prepared set of words that a hypnotist can read from when hypnotizing someone. Hypnosis scripts are planned out suggestions to be used during hypnosis to help the person being hypnotized connect with their subconscious through mental exercises. Hypnosis scripts are prepared for a variety of different issues, such as weight control, social anxiety, self-confidence boosting and more.

Hypnosis scripts are great tools for hypnotists that are just beginning, or for self-hypnosis. These scripts are like a guidebook for hypnosis to ensure that the mental exercises are a success and the hypnotized person will see results. While some hypnotists use hypnosis scripts often, others will never use them at all. It’s really personal preference whether hypnosis scripts are used or not. Some people see hypnosis scripts as a form of “cheating” in hypnotherapy because the hypnotist is just reading from a sheet. The use of hypnotic scripts has been debated, but they are still commonly used.

For trained hypnotists, the use of hypnotic scripts may not be necessary, but they are still good learning tools to see how others approach hypnosis and make suggestions. Hypnosis scripts are generally used after hypnotic induction has occurred, but there are also some hypnotic scripts that are specifically for induction. You can find a variety of hypnosis scripts online and in other hypnosis teaching materials.

Hypnosis scripts can also help people interested in self-hypnosis. Many people are more comfortable hearing their own voice than they are hearing a strangers voice when it comes to something as personal as hypnosis. You can either write a hypnosis script of your own, or find a hypnosis script online, and record your voice as you read this hypnosis script. Then, you can play back the audio version of yourself reading the hypnosis script when you practice self-hypnosis to have a thorough and successful self-hypnosis session. If you are uncomfortable being hypnotized by a stranger for any reason, listening to yourself read a hypnosis script can be a great solution for you.

You can find hypnosis scripts that relate directly to many issues. Some of the most common issues that people seek hypnotherapeutic help for include alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, weight reduction, smoking cessation, public speaking, pain control and self confidence. Hypnotic scripts for these issues will guide the person being hypnotized through a series of mental exercises and positive affirmations to help them deal with the issue. Hypnotic scripts often talk about feelings and accepting actions and behaviors, while also making future actions, feelings and behaviors positive.

Hypnotic scripts for induction also exist to help those who are not yet experts in hypnosis induce others into hypnosis. Hypnotic induction scripts are like a guidebook for inducing someone into hypnosis using your words. Hypnotic induction scripts exist for many different methods of hypnotic induction. Some of the most common methods include the staircase method, fixation object method, rapid method, direct gaze method, and hand to face method. Hypnotic scripts help guide the hypnotist in the correct methods of hypnotic induction so that the induction is a success and the person being hypnotized becomes relaxed into a trance-like state.

Hypnotic scripts can be a very helpful means of guiding someone through mental exercises when they are under hypnosis. Scripts written by professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists will ensure that a hypnotist is covering all of the important steps of dealing with issues using hypnosis. Because hypnosis is a sensitive and very personal thing, many people will choose to record their own hypnotic script to use during self-hypnosis. Others will use hypnotic induction scripts when learning how to induce someone into hypnosis.


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