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How to Select a Good NLP Training Institute
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful discipline that encompasses a vast array of human experience. However, it is also highly unregulated. Selecting a good NLP training institute or program can almost be as difficult as learning the information itself.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a personal development system that is used for a variety of different reasons. It has been successfully used to cure phobias, raise self-esteem, improve interpersonal communication and many other areas. One of the main premises behind NLP is that we all interpret reality in a slightly different way. Therefore, there is no objective reality that we all adhere to. The way we interpret the world through our senses, thoughts, and emotions color our everyday experience. By better understanding our mind and the way we think we can improve our subjective experience. Much like the instruction manual of a confusing new piece of electronics can teach you how to use all its features, many people view NLP as an instruction manual for the brain. You’ll be able to get through daily life without it but you won’t be using your brain to its full capacity.

The first thing to consider when selecting an NLP training institute is that there is no national certification or licensing board for NLP. No profession requires training in NLP so therefore there is no equivalent organization like medical or psychology certification boards. Therefore, any yahoo can take your money, give you some sort of training, and present you with a certificate of “NLP Mastery.” It’s important to do your research and identify reputable training institutes before you spend your money.

Due to the nature of NLP, be immediately wary of any organization that claims it can teach you NLP online. While the convenience factor of learning at your own pace on your computer may be appealing, true NLP knowledge requires hands-on experience. Much of NLP is based on the way you conduct conversations with real people. You need to be able to receive real-time feedback from qualified coaches as you try the various techniques and skills that make up NLP. Therefore a hands-on workshop or class is almost required.

Another question you should ask yourself is, “How many people are going to be in my class?” Some training seminars have as many as 600 delegates at once! While I’m hesitant to automatically discount such a large class, generally the smaller the class-size, the better. Again, the best way to learn NLP is to have immediate and hands-on contact with a highly trained NLP coach. I would immediately question how much individual attention I would receive in a class of that size.

As you begin identifying potential training organizations or institutes, try to research the people behind them as much as possible. Are they highly regarded and respected? Can you find anybody who has already gone through the training that you can talk to? Most reputable organizations would be happy to provide contact information for people who have already taken the training. Try to find out how much the NLP coach they use to market the program will actually be involved with the training. Some institutes use a well-known or reputable coach as the selling point but then have unknown people actually teach the course.

The best way to find a good training institute is to ask an NLP coach that you currently work with and respect where they received their training. If you respect the work that they have done with you then I would do whatever is possible to follow in their footsteps. They obviously know what they’re doing so try to take the same training.

Good luck!


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