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How NLP Can Help You In Your Professional Career
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a self development approach that focuses on the nervous system (Neuro), the power of language (Linguistic) and the way people behave (Programming). It is a comprehensive system for mastering the human mind. It focuses on subjective experience and how we can improve it by taking control of our thoughts. It was developed at first by observing and trying to construct models based on people of excellence. The idea that anything anybody can do can be broken down and taught to someone else is one of the founding principles of NLP. As such, adopting NLP or hiring an NLP coach can provide significant gains for your career.

Firstly, because NLP is a personal development system at its core, it will help you become a more effective and efficient individual which always has ramifications for your work. People who work with NLP coaches learn how to think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and how to master the stressful situations that often pop up throughout the course of the work day. Improving yourself through the use of NLP will always improve your work situation.

Secondly, a large part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on improving communication. Any body who has to communicate with customers or try to make sales throughout the day will benefit from NLP training. A salesman that has been trained in NLP will be more attuned with his customer’s needs and be able to more clearly and logically show them how he is prepared to meet those needs. Any salesman knows that a customer is unlikely to buy their product if they don’t like them first. Your customer must first “buy” you before they will buy the product. NLP is rich with techniques and exercises that will help you build the rapport and the relationship with your customers that will allow you to gain their trust.

Additionally, Neuro-Linguistic Programming has a wealth of potential for managers. Managers face the difficult proposition of uniting and motivating a group of people who sometimes have very different goals, jobs, and methods of working. A good manager must be able to adapt to situations on the fly, motivate and inspire varied groups of people, and help bring the best out of his or her employees. Again, because much of NLP is centered around strong communication skills it is ideally suited to helping managers. Building rapport with employees and unifying them around a central goal can be more easily accomplished using the techniques offered through NLP. Working with a qualified NLP coach that will help bring these skills into practical use is one of the most valuable ways to invest staff development budgets.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help your career even if you aren’t a manager or salesman. Most jobs require you to be able to clearly and articulately state your ideas and reports. NLP can help you develop the skills that will allow you to stand above the crowd in meetings and interviews. The path up the corporate ladder is more easily climbed when your communication skills make you stand out from the rest of your co-workers. You don’t want your good ideas to be drowned beneath inadequate communication skills. Additionally, most jobs require you to work smoothly and cooperatively with groups of people. Building rapport with group members and utilizing leadership skills developed through NLP will make you both a valuable team member and an irreplaceable leader.

The advancement of your career is a combination of your own personal development, the way you interact and communicate with your bosses, and the way you interact and communicate with your co-workers. NLP can help you improve each of these aspects and thus, improve your career.


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