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How NLP Can Make You and Your Employees More Productive
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a comprehensive and broad personal development philosophy and system that can help you and your employees be more productive. NLP focuses on understanding and improving subjective experience. It discards the notion that there is one objective reality that everyone experiences. Instead, our reality lies solely in the way we experience the world. NLP practitioners and coaches try to help people experience the world in a better way. In a way that will make people more effective and, in your interest, more productive. Much like an instruction manual that explains how to use a new computer, you can think of NLP as the instruction manual to the most complex computer in the world, your brain.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on the idea that any behavior that is observable and repeatable can be broken down and taught to anyone else. Therefore, NLP places emphasis on studying the habits and behaviors of very successful people. Breaking down the way they approach problems or conduct themselves allows those behaviors to be taught to others. Your employees, and even yourself, can be taught the various habits and behaviors that will make them more productive.

One way NLP can help your employees become more productive is through their interpersonal communication. One of the fields that has most benefited from NLP is that of sales. Your salesmen and women can learn how to build rapport with customers and clients much more easily with a grasp of NLP. Every good salesperson knows that the basis of any transaction lies on the rapport that is developed between them and the client. NLP can teach your employees how to develop the tools and behavior that will make future customers inherently trust and like them — thus leading to more sales.

Even if you are not in a sales oriented business, improved interpersonal communication skills can still help. Every company relies on clear communication between coworkers. Bosses need to be able to communicate with their subordinates in such a way as to garner respect and credibility, not distrust and disgust. Co-workers need to be able to work together in coherent teams that are as free from distraction as possible. Within the tools of NLP there lies a vast array of possibilities for improving the communication skills of everyone.

Another area that Neuro-Linguistic Programming has had impressive success is with developing and fostering positive self-esteem. Employees that have high self-esteem enjoy the time they spend at work more, they are more confident in their abilities, and produce higher quality work. A person with high self-esteem will not bring down the group during times of trouble. Instead, they will have the confidence to find the answer within themselves or within the scope of their available resources. Your employees, and therefore you, can benefit from improved self-esteem that NLP can provide.

Remember, the core of NLP is teaching others how to do nearly anything. Imagine your best employee. Now, imagine if all the rest of your employees were able to successfully and efficiently learn the skills and abilities that makes your ideal employee so good. That’s what NLP can do. You can have a company filled with “best employees” if you and your employees make a serious effort to learn the principles of NLP.

If you’re interested in having your employees be exposed to NLP, I encourage you to research NLP coaches and consultants. You will find that there are many people who specialize in helping companies adopt principles of NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is available to everyone and can be the advantage that your company has been looking for.


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