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Take help of Self Hypnosis to control your fears and phobias
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Self-hypnosis can be a valuable tool to help you overcome and control your fears and phobias. Self-hypnosis allows you to connect with your inner thoughts and subconscious mind to discover the root of your fears and phobias and deal with the issues that allow these fears and phobias to control your life. Many people have fears and phobias, and with the help of self-hypnosis can control these aspects of their lives.

Self-hypnosis can help you take control of many different fears and phobias including fear of flying, fear of failure, fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of public speaking and many more. Everyone deals with some sort of fear at a point in their life, and in fact fears and phobias are one of the top reasons that people seek out therapy. Dealing with fears and phobias directly can help reduce the anxiety about the fear or phobia, or even eliminate it completely.

A fear is an intense emotion that is aroused by a perceived threat and causes a fight or flight response in an individual. This uncomfortable tension results in different emotional and physiological changes. When a fear becomes uncontrollable or excessive, it then becomes a phobia. Phobias directly affect how people live their lives and impair their ability to cope with their environments. Hypnosis can help individuals identify if their emotions about a particular action, object or situation fall into the realm of fear or phobia. Once this is identified, hypnosis can help individuals control their fears and phobias with a series of mental exercises.

Self-hypnosis by self-guided suggestions or guided suggestions made by a self-hypnosis CD or MP3 can help anyone with a fear or phobia connect with the fear on a subconscious level. Through techniques like systematic desensitization, hypnotized people can deal with their fears head on and develop a mental barrier between themselves and the fear. Self-hypnosis also helps to positively reaffirm all of the things that you are not afraid of, making you more confident in your abilities to cope with any matter. For example, if you have a fear of flying but are not afraid of heights, a positive affirmation to repeat while self-hypnotizing could be “I will feel relaxed and free while flying just as how I feel when I am somewhere high.” Concentrating on the positive can help you overcome your fears.

Self-hypnosis also helps to control fears and phobias by exposing you to the fear directly in your mind. For example, if you are scared of spiders, visualize yourself touching a spider while in a hypnotic state. Imagine yourself being calm and relaxed while touching the spider, feeling no sense of anxiety or fear. Practicing in your mind will help you deal with the fear when it becomes a real life issue. You will be able to connect back to your visualizations and feel a greater sense of control over this fear because you have already dealt with it in your visualizations.

Another way that self-hypnosis can help you control your fears and phobias is by creating a relaxed and safe mental state for you to return to when you begin to feel anxiety or stress triggered by a fear. Hypnosis trains your mind to be calm and focused, which is the exact opposite of your state of mind when you are afraid. By training your mind to be able to get into a calm and focused state on command, you will be better equipped to control your mind when faced with a fear. It’s always a good idea to see a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist when dealing with a debilitating fear or phobia so that they can diagnose the issue and help to alleviate the initial symptoms. They may also give you tips on self-hypnosis to do on your own to control your fears.


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