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How to Create Hypnosis Script for Lucid Dreaming
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A lucid dream occurs when the dreamer knows that he or she is dreaming and can participate in the dream and even alter the visions and imagery within the dream. Lucid dreaming does occur when you are sleeping, however the mind is aware that a dream is occurring and can be an active participant in the dream. The awareness level during lucid dreams can range from slight recognition to total participation and manipulation of imagery, environments, and occurrences in the dream. Being able to control your lucid dreams gives you the power to visualize and dream what you want to occur. Lucid dreams can be used to help see the truth of a matter, work out problems and issues, allow a person to carry out a fantasy and much more.

Creating a hypnosis script for lucid dreaming is one of the easiest ways to guide yourself into a thoughtful hypnotic-like state where lucid dreams can occur. Hypnosis scripts can be found online, or you can create your own hypnosis script for lucid dreaming. There are a couple key elements that a hypnosis script for lucid dreaming must have.

1. Create a hypnotic induction that will result in a deep state of relaxation where there is no tension and only peace. Methods of relaxing vary from person to person, so if you are creating a hypnosis script for yourself, choose a method of relaxing that works best for you. Some people like to create an image of themselves walking along a long shoreline, while others will prefer to create an image of each one of their muscles sinking slowly into the bed. Whichever method you choose, describe the relaxation in depth so that a complete visualization will be achieved.
2. Next, create a visualization of yourself in your most relaxed state. You will have no tension in your body and your mind will be calm and clear. When writing your hypnosis script, make sure to use words that convey calmness, clarity and control. The visualization part of the hypnosis script is meant to hold you in a deep state of relaxation.
3. After you are completely comfortable and the mind is clear, the hypnosis script should then transition to positive affirmations about lucid dreaming. One of the keys to achieving lucid dreams is believing that you can have lucid dreams. Setting yourself up for success is part of the suggestion script process. Repeat phrases in your mind that reaffirm your willingness and ability to achieve lucid dreams. These phrases should be something like “I can control my dreams,” “I can have lucid dreams,” and “I can be conscious in my dreams.” These empowering suggestions will increase the chances that you will have lucid dreams because the mind is prepared to be in control of the dreams.
4. The ending portion of your hypnosis script for lucid dreaming should contain words that will bring you back to a conscious state gently. After repeating the positive affirmations, your mind will be prepared to wake up gently and have the confidence and control you need to achieve lucid dreams. Common ways to wake from self-hypnosis include counting to 10, focusing on breathing, climbing a staircase, or allows gentle waves to crash at your feet. When you wake you will be rejuvenated and prepared to take on lucid dreams.

Hypnosis scripts train the mind to be in a controlling and calming state for when lucid dreams occur. Lucid dreams have the potential to get out of control or scary at times, so having a prepared mental state is important. Suggestions scripts allow the mind to always know that it is in control. Whatever the mind wants to happen will happen, and there is no way to get stuck in a hypnotic state or lucid dreaming. Being aware of all of these things and in control of your dreams and destiny will help you get the most of our your lucid dreams.


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