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A psychic is someone who professes the ability to perceive information that is normally hidden from the normal senses. This ability is called extrasensory perception (ESP) and is the basis of psychic abilities. However, other abilities possessed by psychics include seeing and predicting the future, speaking to the dead and many other seemingly impossible feats. It may seem like only certain, special, people have the ability to do these things. However, you would be very wrong to think that. You can develop your psychic abilities through practice and dedication.

Every single person has the capability to develop their psychic abilities. Like any other skill-based activity, it depends on how much effort you put into it. For example, some people are more naturally gifted at some things than others. Some people seem to take to playing an instrument with very little effort. For other people it's much more difficult. You may be born with more or less innate psychic abilities as someone else but that doesn't mean you can't become psychic. It just means that you might have to work harder at it than somebody who was born with the natural ability.

One great way to begin developing your psychic abilities is through meditation. Meditating will help you develop your concentration and focus. Psychic abilities take great levels of focus and meditating is the best way to develop that skill. To begin a meditation practice you must constantly practice. You will find meditation very difficult at first. Everybody who meditates for the first time reports how incredibly challenging it was. The goal of meditation (if it can be said to have a goal) is to empty your mind of all thoughts. However, you will quickly learn that the human brain is excellent at thinking about a plethora of different things, even when you don't want it to. If you find your mind wandering during meditation just quietly and calmly expel the thought and refocus on your breathing. This is the basis of a strong focus.

There are a couple other ways to develop your psychic abilities. One way to practice is called “scanning.” To use this technique find a willing partner (preferably someone you don’t know) and stand four to six feet apart. You should face each other and both close your eyes. Focus on the other person as a ball of light or pure energy. Slow down your breathing and focus (like meditation) on the other person. See what feelings or sensations come to your attention. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What images or thoughts come to your mind? After a few minutes you should both open your eyes and exchange notes on what you felt, saw, and heard while focusing on the other person. Share with each other how the images and thoughts might relate to your life. The more you practice this the better you will become at intuitively learning about other people without ever having spoken to them.

A key component of psychic abilities is predicting or seeing the future. This can be practiced as well. Enter a meditative, hyper-focused state and think about tomorrow. Truly and completely envision yourself living your everyday life tomorrow? What do you hear, feel, and smell? What clothes are you wearing? What is everybody else wearing? What is happening in your life? Slow down your breathing and focus on these thoughts as deeply as you can. When you step out of your meditative state, make some predictions about tomorrow and write them down. You will find that the more you do this over time, the more your predictions will come true.

Developing your psychic abilities takes hard work but if you’re willing to put in the effort you too can become a psychic.