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Five Rituals

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Five Rituals

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Discover the 5 Secret Age-Defying Rituals found in a Tibetan Monastery!

Long-lost book contains fascinating tips and techniques to help you look and feel younger!

What if you could look up to 30 years younger in just a few months, working at it just 10 minutes a day?

That's the promise made inside this unique new course, The Five Rituals.

The rituals are simple exercises that ANYONE can do. They're simple, but powerful - and used by thousands of followers including actor Martin Sheen & author John Gray, who claim these simple exercises are responsible for their youthful good looks!

Until recently, it was thought that the books containing The Five Rituals were lost forever. But they've recently resurfaced, and have been proven to be just as useful today as ever.

Want to find out how to turn back the clock in as little as 10 minutes a day? Then grab YOUR copy of The Five Rituals and find out what all the fuss is about!


Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy with this course:

  • How to look YOUNG AGAIN - Just by doing these Five Rituals for 10 minutes a day, over 10 weeks!
  • The little-known DIET CHANGES that can make you LOOK and FEEL YOUNGER in record time!
  • The SECRET INGREDIENT you should rub on your head to help hair growth!
  • How a TINY VOICE TRICK can keep you masculine and virile!
  • The PRECISE STEPS to take if you're overweight, or underweight!
  • How to FEEL and ACT like a 25-year old - for the rest of your life!

The price of the course is worth it just for the health benefits alone! And the best bit is that ANYONE can perform these rituals in their own home - whether they're 30, 50, or 100!

What You'll Receive

Order today and you'll receive the following with this course:

  • The FULL ORIGINAL BOOK containing the secret rituals - and the missing "sixth rite"!
  • Digitally Remastered & Updated Version - revised information for the 21st century, all based on the original 1939 book!
  • An Introduction to The Five Rituals Program - including an audio version specially created for our customers!
  • BONUS How-To Guides - including Native American Indian Healing Secrets, Ancient Beauty Secrets of Ayuveda, and Ancient Chinese Secrets of Youth & Vitality.!

Every copy comes with our 100% no-questions-asked 10-WEEK GUARANTEE!

Try out The Five Rituals for TEN WHOLE WEEKS. If you're not completely satisfied, simply let us know within that time and we'll refund every penny.


"The quickest and easiest way to both LOOK and FEEL younger! The Five Rituals are not only fun, but incredibly powerful. I've seen amazing results after just three weeks, and intend to use this system for years to come. Brilliant!"

- Bradley Thompson, self-help author

"It's easy. It's fast. And it works! I love this program: it can make a tremendous difference in your health, your energy, and the way you live your life."

- John Gray, author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", speaking of the exercises

"As an author, an interviewer, and a director, I need all the energy I can muster. The Five Rituals program is fantastic! I've been following it for weeks now, and feel fantastic. Not only am I looking better, but I'm healthier and enjoying an all-natural life high. I highly recommend the Five Rituals package!"

Karl Moore, best-selling author,

"These five simple exercises will make you feel young again."

Natural Health magazine

"I have done the Five Rites and passed 'Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth' on to many friends over the years. I recommend them without reservation."

- Martin Sheen, actor

"The Five Rituals book reads like a Robinson Crusoe adventure! I loved it. But it's more important than mere entertainment: this is the key to life-long health, vitality and youthful looks. I use it daily and am VERY impressed."

Hale Carlton,

"Excellent. I use the Five Rituals daily to help keep my youthful complexion. I would've never discovered these techniques if it wasn't for your website. Thanks for sharing with the world!"

Jennifer Lansbury,

"I have done the Five Rites and passed Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth on to many friends over the years. I recommend them without reservation."

- Martin Sheen, actor