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Stop Smoking in 28 Days

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Stop Smoking in 28 Days

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Discover how to Stop Smoking - Even if you DON'T WANT TO!

New course reveals a powerful system for stopping smoking!

If you've ever tried to quit smoking you'll know how difficult it can be.

Cigarettes are addictive. The nicotine gets into your blood stream and gives you a bit of a buzz, and you find you can't live without your next fix. But nobody would smoke unless they absolutely felt they HAD to do it.

People start smoking for a number of reasons. They know the dangers, and they keep smoking regardless. Sometimes they manage to quit only to be tempted back again - even after years of success.

Giving up for good is no easy ride. The usual remedies are inconsistent, expensive, and more or less substitutes for the real thing. If only there was a way to stop without experiencing withdrawals, without the constant urge to stick something in your mouth, without the unceasing desire to light up at the first opportunity.

There is - it's called Stop Smoking in 28 Days!


In this powerful course you'll discover:

  • The 6 MAIN REASONS why people start smoking, and which apply to you.
  • The proportion of people living in industrialized nations who DIE from smoking-related illnesses.
  • The astonishing number of YEARS on average a smoker's life expectancy is reduced.
  • How smoking can cause IMPOTENCY in men and reduced fertility/premature menopause in WOMEN.
  • The little-known fact about the risk of LOSING YOUR SIGHT if you are a smoker.
  • 7 additional COMPELLING REASONS for giving up smoking - which have NOTHING to do with your health.

And much, much more!

If you really want to stop smoking, for WHATEVER reason, then you NEED THIS GUIDE!

What You'll Receive

Order today, and you'll receive:

  • The complete Four-Step Battle Plan, "Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!" It's quick, it's effective, and it's pain-free!
  • Our 100% no-quibble totally risk-free money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, just let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund on the spot. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

So you literally have NOTHING to lose, and EVEYTHING to gain!

About the Author

Melvin G. Power is an ex-smoker and a quit-smoking workshop leader who has dedicated his life to helping others beat their smoking addiction. He is the author of "The Stop Smoking Formula" and "Stop Smoking in 28 Days or Less!"